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The character created by Raymond Briggs
(The Snowman, Father Christmas, When The Wind Blows, Ethel & Earnest)


Dave Unwin (Father Christmas, The Little Reindeer, Horrid Henry)


Iain Harvey (The Snowman, Father Christmas, When The Wind Blows, Christmas Carol – The Movie)


Julian Nott (Wallace & Gromit, Pepper Pig,
The Very Hungry Caterpillar)


Family Animation


We are delighted to announce the next animated movie based on Raymond Briggs’ much loved & instantly recognisable take on Father Christmas.  This straight-talking, no-nonsense but warm-hearted Santa will be seen getting to grips with today’s modern world.


Thirty years after we first met Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas he’s back in our lives.  He hasn’t changed but the times have, as he is becoming all too aware and suddenly he is getting a ‘behind-the-times’ feeling.  As if that weren’t enough a bunch of lively, curious children have moved in right next door and suddenly his quiet existence, living incognito in an unexpected location, is under threat…

Try as he might to keep his pint-sized neighbours out of his life, they insist on inviting themselves in; ‘trick or treating’ at Halloween, creeping into his garden to play with his animals, and even inviting him to their Christmas party!  Slowly but surely they start to warm his heart and we see that they are his shields against the unstoppable forces of the advancing times.  For as long as children believe in him, his own future is safe.

Yes, he may be grumpy but he is Father Christmas and we love him all the more for it.  He is the bringer of magic and after a little mishap that sees his new neighbour asking for his babysitting skills (on Christmas Eve of all nights!), he ends up taking the children with him on a totally unplanned, totally amazing, adventure of a lifetime!

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