The Naked Wanderer

The Naked Wanderer

A heart-broken young man decides to walk 4,000km along the coast of Western Australia in the searing heat, wearing nothing but a loin cloth & a backpack… 


Angus McLaren (Packed To The Rafters, H20: Just Add Water)
John Cleese (Monty Python)
Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Detective Chinatown 2, The Greatest Showman)
Sophie Kennedy Clark (Nymphomaniac 1&2, Philomena)


Alan Lindsay


Bedlam Productions (The King’s Speech, Kajaki, Exam)
Vue Group


Romantic, Comedy


Currently in Post Production


To the public that are following his incredible journey, Jake is a man selflessly raising money for a children’s charity in a rather unusual way!  But in reality, the reasons behind his journey are much less noble; he simply wants to prove to his ex-girlfriend that he’s not as boring as she thinks.

So off he sets on the road trip of a lifetime, set against the stunning backdrop of the Australian coastline.  Along his way he is supported by his hapless best friend Cam; Mr King, a businessman with ulterior motives; Eli, an elusive Aborigine; and an ever-growing fan base of locals who can’t believe what this crazy guy is doing.  Jelly fish stings, sunburn, spiders, wild dogs and snakes all form part of Jake’s journey and he – and the people he meets – will have their lives changed forever.  Jake will also find true love along the way, but not necessarily with the person he was aiming for.

Life is funny like that.

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