Nicholas Hamilton Joins ‘Brave The Dark’

Published: 18th September 2019

Nicholas Hamilton whose credits include ‘It’ and ‘Captain Fantastic’, has joined Jared Harris in the cast of 80’s-set drama ‘Brave The Dark’.

In this coming of age feature, Hamilton will play Nate Busko, a student with a troubled history. Harris will play Stan Deen, a popular drama teacher who tries to help Nate face up to his past. Most incredibly, the story is based on actual events and Busko and Deen are real life characters.

Synopsis: Nate Busko has spent 12 of his 17 years running from the past. Sick of being shunted from one foster home to another, he now lives in his car, dining on cornhusks and using track practice as an opportunity for a shower. By the time night falls he couldn’t be more different from the confident, swaggering persona of school. Alone, he is haunted by fragments of memories from the past.

Enter Stan Deen a popular high school drama teacher dealing with his own issues. He sees Nate’s latent talent and need for affection where no other teacher has and sets out to help. But in a startling event, Nate is arrested in the middle of school and marched off in handcuffs. Stan follows Nate to the jailhouse and not only organises bail but agrees to take Nate into his own home despite the raised eyebrows he receives from his fellow teachers.

Stan is prepared to do all he can to help his troubled student. But the question is, can you really be helped if you’re not willing to help yourself?

Commenting, GFM Films Partner, Michael Ryan, said: ‘We were thrilled to have both Damien and Jared in this film but when Nicholas accepted the role, having met the real Nate, we knew we had something very special”.

Producer Grant Bradley added: ‘I could not be more thrilled with our cast and director. With the passion they all have for the film I think we have something really special in the making.’

The film will be produced by Grant Bradley, Dale Bradley and Paul Griffin and shoot from a script written by Lynn Robertson Hay & Dale G Bradley, from an original screenplay by John P Spencer.